Rie Okabayashi

Rie Okabayashi

The Wa Group held our opening for Tokyo’s resident sumi artist Rie Okabayashi at Wa Space in the Akasaka district of Minato-ku over the weekend, and it was a hit!

We opened our doors at 3PM to a group of waiting attendees anxious to see Ms. Okabayashi’s work (and probably glad to escape the heat in the Space with a cold glass of champagne!), and the event only began to slow down after we closed our doors at 7PM. Ms. Okabayashi’s created a number of original pieces for this event, including the main display “Infinity,” and we were ecstatic to have such a great and varied audience come to experience her art with us. With Ms. Okabayashi’s extensive knowledge of types of sumi ink (and a preference for the goma-oil based yuenboku), a skilled hand when it comes to both calligraphy and creative design, and an overtly present energy to her works, artists met with lawyers who met with authors who met with salesman who met with a slew of other members of the Tokyo creative and business community in a Wa Space transformed by her art. With such a varied audience, there was no shortage of engaging conversation, and the night was spent in jovial spirits. The Wa Group is very glad to be presenting such beautiful works as Rie Okabayashi’s at Wa Space, so if you’ve time in next month please come by to see for yourself! The exhibition runs until July 12th, 2014.

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