Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

Last Saturday started a bit grey, and didn’t get all that much brighter outside, but fortunately for Wa Space we had a warm, flickering display of Ibaraki prefecture’s Suzumo’s lanterns to light up the World of Wa!


Starting from 2PM, there was a steady stream of guests coming through to view Suzumo’s works, speak with the designers, and to learn the backstory of how one of Japan’s most ubiquitous symbols, the chochin lantern, began evolving. And the truth is, it was quite a serendipitous beginning!


Many years ago, Suzumo’s president Suzuki-san and their collaborating designer Mic Itaya were classmates at the same school, but as is so common, time saw them go in separate directions, until at one festival many years later they came in contact again. Suzuki-san had taken up the reins of Suzumo and Itaya-san had become a designer. Long story short, the works on display at Wa Space are the result of an old friendship being rekindled after many years. Great background story for a party, no?

Over the course of the event, all in attendance immersed in conversation, gently flickering light, and a few glasses of wine – all in all a wonderful start to Fall!

Dew lantern

Available at the Wa Store online 26,000yen



Available at the Wa store Online 26,000yen

Available at the Wa Store online 9,500yen

Available at the Wa Store online 9,500yen


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