Zouri Slippers

Zouri Slippers


Masanori and Mina Umeda work as a creative team at the Umeda Design Studio in Kyoto. Masanori obtained his diploma from the Kuwasawa School of Design in Tokyo in 1962, and lived in Milan for over 10 years working in the studio of Achille Castiglioni and as a design consultant for Olivetti.

The Umeda Design Studio was born in 1980 when Masanori returned to Japan.


Wa Space features the popular Zouri Slipper,, hand-woven and designed by Mina Umeda. The Zouri Slipper comes in an array of colours and different sizes.

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The study specialises in the minimal maximal technique; a skill Masanori honed under the careful tutelage of renowned designer Achille Castiglioni. Both Masanori and Mina produce unique products from everyday materials.

Select Awards

  • Tawaraya Bed for Memphis in 1981
  • Designed the Flower Collection for Edra in 1989
  • Won the Braun Prize in Germany in 1968
  • Japanese Associated Commercial Designer’s Prize in 1984
  • Japanese Associated Commercial Designer’s ‘Best Glass Design’ award in 1986

The Zouri Slipper prices start from JPY 4200 and are available at our Space in Akasaka.

1F, 4-3-27 Akasaka, Minato-ku



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