Nousaku began manufacturing Buddhist alter fittings, tea sets and flower vases made of brass and bronze in Takaoka in 1916. Later, Nousaku started to specialize in tableware, home accessories, and luminaires.

Nou directly translates as “Skill”, and Saku translates as “Creation”. With a focus on materials, technical research, and product development, Nousaku seamlessly meshes tradition with contemporary design to create a functional and modern ware.

It is the embedded tradition, spirit, and expert knowledge passed down from craftsman to craftsman that culminates in the subtle beauty of the latest Nousaku offerings at Wa Space.

Full set of Gold-Plated tin bowls, available in small, medium and large sizes from Wa Store online

Full set of Gold-Plated tin bowls, available in small, medium and large sizes from Wa Store online


Casting is a manufacturing process in which a chosen metal is heated till molten and then poured into a mold, where it is cooled, and then formed into its desired shape.

To create their extensive array of products, Nousaku selects the most suitable metal (tin, bass, copper, aluminium, etc.) and uses a casting method that continues to be refined over time.



Nousaku uses 100% pure tin, with no additives to provide durability and a clean finished look. Tin ware has been traditionally used for sake and tea. As a pure 100% tin, it is known to absorb impurities and purify water. Antibacterial qualities prevent water in a vase from spoiling to enable cut flowers to last longer.

Chirori sake pitcher, available at Wa Store online

Chirori sake pitcher, available at Wa Store online


Each brass piece is hand-finished by the artisan to a very high standard. This allows Nousaku to produce exquisite unique creations that embody skill and creativity. Despite being made from the same material, each product looks different.


Bronze is said to have made its way to Japan around 300 BC, and thus holds an important place in the hearts of most Japanese as it is the alloy used in several famous statues in Japan. These statues include the Great Buddha at Nara and the Peace Statue at Nagasaki.


Nousaku’s work has been featured at Isetan Shinjuku and various boutique craft stores. Nousaku has begun collaborating with contemporary designers, and still gets orders from Buddhist temples. They also take on custom interior, art, fashion, light and furniture projects. Nousaku is an excellent example of traditional Japanese craftsmanship, now accessible at our space in Akasaka.

Sorori vase

Sorori Vase, available at Wa Store online





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