Gold-Plated Kuzushi Tare bowl
Gold Plated Kuzushi Tare Bowl SetGold-Plated Kuzushi Tare bowlNousaku Gold Tin Bowls 2

Gold-Plated Kuzushi Tare Bowl (L)

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Product Description

Cool silver bowls with a stunning gold-lined interior. At once stoic and flashy.

Nousaku is a powerhouse of metallurgy made into utilitarian art. Their products, all produced 100% in-house, are both hand and machine tooled, depending on the order, but high-level craftsmanship is synonymous with their name. Perhaps most famous for their Tinwork, their pieces are always multi-functional for their chemical properties: not only is pure tin beautiful to look at, it also absorbs impurities from organics that touch it. You might think that the fish on your Nousaku plate or the sake in our Nousaku cup tastes better because of the grandeur of the spread, and that might be true, but its Nousaku’s works are actually making  your meal better through chemistry.


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