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Tsugumi Wooden Bowl Set

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Product Description

A wonderful set of wooden bowls that fit inside of each other carved from Japanese Zelkova and dyed black.


Expertly carved, this product line seeks to kindle a warmth in the heart of those using it, to bring about the feeling of Omotenashi (the spirit of Japanese hospitality wherein the host anticipates the needs of the guest in advance and offers a pleasant service that guests don’t expect) in the act of dining in the company of friends.

Gato Mikio, started in 1908 in Ishikawa prefecture, specialized in the wiped lacquer technique applied to their original Shosen line, and this can still be seen today in many of their works. In addition to their hand-laquered wares are also many hand-worked pieces that showcase a meticulous attention to detail in the precision drilling. But when these two elements, lacquering and wood-working, come together in unified form is when Gato Mikio’s works really shine – cup, plate, or container, you’ll marvel at the masterful quality.


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