Seeking to align ourselves with the most adept expressions of Spring’s coming, The Wa Group approached Tochigi Prefecture’s Studio Garaya, run by long-time cloth artisan & Official Traditional Craftsman Hideo Tao.

Having won his first award in 1966 at the National Clothing Pattern Conference of Japan held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum and continuing on a long path of critical acclaim, we knew that the time he had spent honing his craft into a delicate and unique creative expression of the world around him meant he could produce outstanding works with a sensitivity to the Spring theme we were so excited to pursue…

And he delivered in spades! Hundreds of pieces, all made with loving care and featuring his nationally-recognized kusaki-zome method,  Spring came this year to the Wa Group in stunning color & pattern. Of course we requested a large number of Sakura pieces, and received a collection that ran the gamut through Sakura, Yozakura, Yamazakura, and all of the other iterations of the world of falling pink petals. In addition, Studio Garaya delivered scenes of stunning beauty, including lakes, forests, owls, flowers, mountains, and more, all depicting a fresh and warm season to come.

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